‘World Pharmacist Day’ 2023: Know the importance of this day and the important role of pharmacists

World Pharmacist Day

World Pharmacist Day 2023

Whenever someone falls ill, he goes to the doctor and the doctor prescribes him some medicines, for which you have to go to the pharmacist. Celebrating this day was started to draw attention to pharmacies. Know everything about its importance.

World Pharmacist Day 2023: Every year on 25 September, World Pharmacist Day is celebrated across the world. This initiative of World Pharmacists Day was taken by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), which was recognized at a conference in Istanbul in the year 2000. The purpose of celebrating this day is to focus on pharmacies. Apart from this, there are efforts to improve health facilities in every corner.


World Pharmacists Day was started in 2009. Created by FIP at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Istanbul, Turkey. The date of 25 September was chosen because FIP was founded on this day in 1912. The purpose of celebrating this day is to encourage the role of pharmacists in improving health.

A pharmacist does all his work keeping the health of the people in mind, which includes identification of the medicine, its restocking, expiry date etc., so that there is no adverse effect on anyone’s health. Keeping all these things in mind, FIP supported celebrating this day in honor of all pharmacists.


Every year whenever this day is celebrated, it is with a theme. This time the theme of World Pharmacist Day is Pharmacy strengthening health systems.

Why celebrate only on 25th September?

Members of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) suggested this date because it was on this date that FIP was founded in 1912.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of celebrating World Pharmacist Day is to honor the contributions made by pharmacists around the world and also to promote the profession of pharmacy.


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