Expendables 4 Review: The responsibility of the fourth episode is on the shoulders of Jason Statham, competing with Megan Fox’s beauty and talent.

Expendables 4
Expendables 4

Movie Review Expendables 4

Starring Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa and Andy Garcia, among others

Writers Spencer Cohen, Kurt Wimmer, Tad Dagerhart and Max Adams

director scott waugh

Producers Kevin King Templeton, Les Weldon, Yariv Lerner and Jason Statham

Release 22 September 2023

The fundamental character of any film franchise is that its characters create their own separate audience. If they like the characters, the audience can watch the same story again and again, but how many times? It has been difficult for manufacturers to find the answer to this question. Franchises like ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘Saw’ have been running for up to 10 films. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand even further. And, ‘The Expendables’? Where this franchise will go will probably be decided by the box office results of ‘Expendables 4’. Although there are so many stories of Sylvester Stallone leaving this film and then coming back that a separate film could be made on it, but on the insistence of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he not only returned to this franchise but also returned to the previous film of this series. ‘Expendables 4’ has also been released after nine years.

Video Games Like Dhoom Dhadak

‘The Expendables’ has its own distinct working style. They speak less and fire more bullets. The attitude of killing as many people as possible with minimum dialogue is the result of the violent video games being made these days. With more interesting stories than films and cinema-like animation made using cutting-edge technology, these days the creators of these games across the world have taken up the task of making the world of gaming even bigger than the world of films. India is still lagging behind in this business. Movies like ‘The Expendables’ can actually be called a cinematic extension of the mindset of the audience playing video games. There is no thinking or investment of the audience in the story here. The movie starts. The story of two lines is decided and then the audience knows the end.

battle to save the world

The story of ‘Expendables 4’ is about capturing the same Ocelot that Barney had failed in trying to capture 25 years ago. This time the film starts from an old chemical factory in Libya where a gang of terrorists carry out a dangerous attack to steal the keys to nuclear weapons. The Expendables are informed about this and they all arrive to save the world from World War III. But things get out of hand when Lee’s Christmas quest to save Barney goes off track. Now he is out of the team and to get the key to the nuclear weapons, the rest of the team reaches that huge ship on the water which has the flag of America and which is being taken to the maritime border of Russia and a terrorist conspiracy is going on to detonate a nuclear bomb. .

Baton in the hands of Jason Statham

There is obviously no novelty in the story of the film. These days, in every second Hollywood film and third series, a whole procession of agents are at work to save the world. ‘Expendables 4’ is also a film standing in the same line. But, there is no Tom Cruise here. Here, Sylvester Stallone, who has become a strange picture of old age, wants Jason Statham to take over the franchise. That is why he has also been made the producer of this film. This time some new players have also joined in. Megan Fox is there to raise the temperature of the film with all her physical charm and there is Tony Jaa who considers Hanuman as his favorite mythological character. And, many new heroes have joined this team but it does not seem to have any significant impact on the story.

Failed to create a wave of emotions

The film ‘Expendables 4’, made with a budget of about 10 crore dollars i.e. about Rs 830 crore, is a childish film. The story lacks substance and the storylines of its characters have not been woven by its screenwriters. The love story of Lee Christmas and his ex-girlfriend and CIA agent Gina could have become an emotional aspect of the film, but here too both of them seem to be fighting less and more. Some sentimental scenes can be effective in showing the emotional relationship between Barney and Christmas, but since the writers of the film are completely focused on the action, then the relationship between the two is like ‘brother from another mother’, this has to be told to Christmas by speaking. it occurs.

Technically weak film

Technically also the film does not impress much. The action sequences are repetitive and the special effects in most parts of the climax look like a second-rate film. This film may be liked by those who play violent video games, but there is nothing special in the film for the general audience.


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