Choona web series review

Choona web series review

Be it flicks or web series, stories of theft and thievery in the megacity of entertainment always fascinate the followership. From suspensor to numerous other gests , one can find similar stories. But its most important specialized aspect is that to show similar stories on- screen, special care is taken of the script. The new series ‘Choona’ created by Pushpendra Nath Mishra capitalizes on all the strengths of this kidney veritably efficiently.

Choona web series review

Story of’ Choona’ web series

There are six people. All fully different from each other. This brace of misfits form a gang. A important politician plots a thievery to take vengeance on Arvind Shukla. The plan is also ready. But will they be suitable to carry out the theft as per their plan? The story of ‘Choona’ revolves around this.

‘Choona’ web series has eight occurrences and is amusing. It takes the followership on a rollercoaster lift from vengeance to uproarious comedy. Jimmy Shergill plays the part of Shukla ji, a important and influential politician. A gang of six people is going to commit original dacoity to take vengeance. Arshad Warsi is responsible for making the story intriguing right from the plot to all the brain games. He’s the narrator of this series. pen- director Pushpendra is estimable in the sense that he has given full occasion to his characters. He has veritably cleverly woven the history and present of the characters. In such a situation, whatever is shown on the screen seems correct. The excellent style in which Jimmy Shergill has created the character of’ Calculator Shukla’ seems picture-perfect. He plays every ups and campo of the character, his feelings, every dangerous move veritably well. The most intriguing is the gang which is going to take vengeance from Shukla. Because as the story progresses, different forms of all six and their different bents are revealed.

Contractor JP( Vikram Kochhar) who was formerly redoubtable, but now struggles with alcohol dependence . Banke’s( Gyanendra Tripathi) career was severely ruined by Shukla. Ansari( Ashim Gulati) is a original gorilla, who brings strength to the gang. Triloki( Namit Das) is an expert in jugaad. Bishnu( Chandan Roy) is Shukla’s family- in- law, who gains access to the inner plots of power. piecemeal from these, there’s also Pandit ji( Atul Srivastava), who provides spiritual guidance to everyone. But he also has a dark side. Among the womanish characters is Jhumpa( Niharika Lyra Dutt), Triloki’s love interest. Bela( Monica Panwar) is Banke’s family, who’s excellent in her part, especially in action scenes. still, the web series’ Choona’ also has its excrescencies. Some effects in the story be veritably fluently. Some more intriguing twists could have been added to the series, this would have given a little further depth to the story. nonetheless, the series brings a finely drafted yet amusing tale of desi pinch- thievery. Overall,’ Choona’ takes you on an instigative trip through a whirlwind of vengeance and chaos. Although this show may not get fashionability like’ plutocrat pinch’, but its desi style is an magnet in itself.

Choona web series review

Why watch

If you want to see some great, funny and similar characters which pierce your stomach, show action and also bring a exhilaration, also you’ll surely like ‘Choona’.

Choona web series review


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